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michael j loomisAt 45 years of age I found myself at a place where change wasn’t an option, but a necessity. I paved the way, and did it quite well, but it wasn’t exactly intentional. I didn’t know that there was another, better way. I guess you could say it started at birth, or at least by age 6 when diagnosed with Vesicoureteral Reflux. 6 years, 2 surgeries, countless catheterization’s and Intravenous pyelogram’s later, the congenital defect remained.

What follows is my story of how I have been able to recast my course in life. How I have learned to live with cancer and what to do regarding the associated tumors and biofilms that were taking over my skin, but also how my mind and spirit have also changed in ways I could have never imagined.

A thought…Maybe we are not supposed to kill cancer, but manage it like diabetes when and where possible, put a leash on it.

…to be continued