What sup(plement)?

Boron: 165 mg a day. 3/8 tsp Borax/litre of water and 1/2 tsp Magnesium Malate combined. UPDATE: Reduced my intake of Boron to 15mg/day and am combining it with a different form of magnesium(citrate).

I try to keep Boron[Parathyroid] and Iodine[Iodine] on a level playing field because of their proximity and relation.

Iodine: 50 mg a day. 20 drops Lugol’s solution in water. UPDATE: I believe I reached my goal of sufficient. My fingernails began to turn orange…LoL. So I have backed down to 12.5 mg/day. 5 drops Lugol’s solution in water. I also insufflate by means of steam and a few drops. Works really well for clearing all of your sinuses and lungs of anything…You don’t really want in there anyways. Seems to work REALLY well.

Selenium. 200 mg – 400 mg

Neem Oil: 50 drops 1 time per day in preferred carrier oil.

Boron and Magnesium work synergistically to improve parathyroid gland function.

Iodine and Selenium work synergistically to improve thyroid gland function.

It took me many months to build up to these levels of iodine, borax and neem. It was still uncomfortable but worth the results. See above UPDATES.

This is my own personal regimen. This is not a recommendation for others, but a data set that I have been using to cleanse my body and return it to a more youthful state. My hope is that this information will be of use to you in finding your own Magic Bullets. To be continued…