What If?

Here are some of MY crazy ideas. Questions that I can’t exactly find answers for but may in the future. We will see what sticks and what stinks. 

I recommend finding a smooth rock on a mountain top with a waterfall in the background…LoL. If you’re going to ponder, you may as well do it in style.

  1. As your skin goes, the rest follows. Any real changes to the surface of your skin can only come through dietary changes.
  2. Our skin from bottom to outermost layer is like our Earth’s atmosphere. Our muscles would be like the ground we stand on. The outer surface is like the treeline where plants cease to grow.
  3. Not all NSAID’s do the same thing for pain. Some act on -_fungus_- which then releases endogenous NSAID’s into our system. Like White Willow Bark. The magic is not in the bark but the what the fungus that lives between the bark and tree leaves behind. We know of the bark because it continues to regrow.
  4. Anabolic steroids don’t build muscle. They make it possible for a body to do what it can to it’s fullest potential without nutrient hindrance or effluent resistance. What I would call, “Zerohme.” A body at zero resistance.
  5. The euphoric effects of marijuana are a result of mycotoxins released in the lungs from the constituent components of cannabis and their contact with fungus resulting in lysis. Vaping doesn’t have the same effect because it doesn’t cause fungal lysis. Vaporizing with a volcano vaporizor is somewhere in between depending on the temperature setting.
  6. #5 is also why consuming marijuana feels significantly different than the methods mentioned above.
  7. There is a right combination of neem products and aloe vera products that can be used to prep your gut once cleansed. Until that point it’s a die off waiting to happen. My first experience was an incredibly loud bout of tinnitus in my left ear and a whole host of things leaving me about 45 minutes in. I’m now a walking Citronella man…LoL. Anything that bites me dies.
  8. Vitamin D that is produced IN mammals via exposure to UV light is actually a product of cutaneous fungi. Ergosterol inhibition.
  9. Statin drugs for cholesterol are an effective treatment for colonizing fungus. Does this mean that cholesterol in the endothelium is fungal?
  10. [BACK TO #03]-acetaminophen is antimicrobial to the liver. Ibuprofen is antimicrobial to the kidneys. Aspirin(salicylic acid) is antimicrobial to the small intestine. Excedrin(Aspirin/paracetamol(acetaminophen)/caffeine), the recommended dosing has a low risk profile when taken occasionally in a well hydrated state. [Must get back to this one. Is Excedrin a lesser or greater evil?]
  11. More to come…Dinner calls. Thank you mom…8-)