why do statins work and what on?

Statins work because they are antimicrobial. Stopping the microbial process results in there not being what they call cholesterol from being used to repair the microbial damage. We also call it scar tissue.

1. Bacteria
2. Archaea
3. Fungi
4. Protazoa
5. Algae
6. Viruses

If you have use for statins in your body it is because you have one, some or all of these overgrowing in or on your person. So not really a waste of time if you have one of these living in or on you.

Just sayin…Statins might be the lesser of the evils.

Unexpected antimicrobial effect of statins

Is There Potential for Repurposing Statins as Novel Antimicrobials?

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Antimicrobial Effects of Antipyretics


ABSTRACT: Antipyretics are some of the most commonly used drugs. Since they are often co-administered with antimicrobial therapy, it is important to understand the interactions between these two classes of drugs. Our review is the first to summarize the antimicrobial effects of antipyretic drugs and the underlying mechanisms involved. Antipyretics can inhibit virus replication, inhibit or promote bacterial or fungal growth, alter the expression of virulence factors, change the surface hydrophobicity of microbes, influence biofilm production, affect the motility, adherence, and metabolism of pathogens, interact with the transport and release of antibiotics by leukocytes, modify the susceptibility of bacteria to antibiotics, and induce or reduce the frequency of mutations leading to antimicrobial resistance. While antipyretics may compromise the efficacy of antimicrobial therapy, they can also be beneficial, for example, in the management of biofilm-associated infections, in reducing virulence factors, in therapy of resistant pathogens, and in inducing synergistic effects. In an era where it is becoming increasingly difficult to find new antimicrobial drugs, targeting virulence factors, enhancing the efficacy of antimicrobial therapy, and reducing resistance may be important strategies.

KEYWORDS: NSAIDs, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, paracetamol, antibacterial, antimicrobial, efflux pumps