Professor John Isaas – TED – Renal Failure – Auto-Immunities

Kidney Transplant Drug Cocktail.

Make the transplant invisible to the immune system.

Immune re-education.

The Immune Army – Helper T-Cells – The Bosses/Modulators – Mono-Clonal

Use of monoclonal antibodies in renal transplantation.

Rheumatoid Arthritis – Through the gut.

Inversion. Bats and Opossums.

Source ~ The many important functions that our bacteria perform for us includes killing harmful bacteria, killing fungus (caused by the yeast known as candida), and building B vitamins for the rest of our body to use. They also help our bodies produce enzymes, help to change the acidity within our cells and play an important role in the development of the immune system by maintaining a constant dialog with our internal bodies through the surface of the gut. Our micro-flora also influences many of our hormones. So this healthy bacteria is very important stuff.

It is possible to increase your intake of healthy bacteria via probiotic supplements. Alternatively you can feed the existing bacteria with their favorite foods which allows their populations to grow naturally, rather than trying to add new guys to the mix. So what do your bacteria want to eat? Good bacteria love fiber. Each species of bacteria survives best on specific kinds of nutrients. Friendly bacteria love all kinds of plant-food remnants, especially fiber from green leafy vegetables, whilst pathogens thrive when the diet is low in plant foods and high in animal products and processed foods.