Effects of Gamma Oryzanol-Rice Bran Oil

Effects of gamma oryzanol supplementation on anthropometric measurements & muscular strength in healthy males following chronic resistance training.

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In conclusion, this study revealed that 600 mg/day gamma oryzanol supplementation changed muscular strength in young healthy males in the 9-week resistance training without any significant alteration in anthropometric measurements. So it might be suggested to use this supplement for longer time in untrained subjects or test its effects on the anthropometric measurements of trained subjects. It might be useful if future studies analyze the antioxidant levels in the blood of the athletes to consider exercise effects on oxidation and free radical production as well as inhibitory effect of supplement. Also, different patterns of anthropometric changes and muscular strength can be assessed in women athletes, in different age groups or in patient who suffer from muscular fatigue or muscular dystrophy to see gamma oryzanol effects in these subjects. The use of gamma oryzanol may also decrease the use of anabolic steroids in resistance athletes to increase muscle mass and muscular strength, as it can bring similar effects for athletes without any side effects.