Carbohydrate Abuse Disorder

This will be fun. The Sinclair Method. Time to achieve recovery addiction to carbohydrates. TSM works wonders for Carbohydrate Addicted People.

Research shows that traditional treatment for alcohol abuse fails 85-90 percent of the time. Government data indicates a 90% relapse rate over four years. About half of those relapses happen within six months.

The treatment method I’m here to talk about flips those statistics. It SUCCEEDS for about 80 percent of those who use it, and most people see dramatic improvement in about four months.

The American Medical Association first labeled alcoholism as a disease of the brain in 1956, but those with AUD are not treated as though they have a disease. What if other diseases were treated like addiction? Would your doctor refuse to address your high cholesterol or blood pressure until after you had a heart attack? Would your doctor tell you to see a nutritionist, but withhold insulin until after you’ve proven you are ready to stop eating sugar entirely? Would he or she tell you it’s your fault that your cancer has returned? This is the reality for someone with an addiction to alcohol. Society, and many treatment professionals, believe a person has to hit rock bottom and lose it all before they can commit to recovery.

Rock bottom is unethical. It is the polar opposite of harm reduction. It’s immoral…and making patients reach rock bottom before medical treatment is given should be considered malpractice.