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Human growth hormone response to repeated bouts of aerobic exercise.

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In summary, results of the present study indicate that the GH response to repeated bouts of aerobic exercise corresponding to 70% V˙ O2max is not attenuated but, rather, may be augmented, at least under semifasting conditions. The increase in GH secretion observed with repeated bouts of exercise was related to an increase in GH pulse amplitude and the mass of GH secreted per pulse. Three 30-min bouts of aerobic exercise (independent of recovery periods) significantly increased daytime integrated GH concentrations without a significant change in nocturnal GH concentrations compared with control conditions. We conclude that high-intensity aerobic exercise is a potent stimulus of GH secretion that is able to overcome GH auto-negative feedback. Thus repeated bouts of exercise on the same day are able to consistently stimulate GH secretion without attenuation of the GH response.

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Azadiractin(AZT) and Azidothymidine(AZT)…Tocayo

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An acetone-water neem leaf extract with antimalarial activity was evaluated in vitro(out of body) at 5 microg/ml for inhibition of adhesion of malaria parasite-infected erythrocytes and cancer cells to endothelial(vascular) cells, and at 10 microg/ml for protection of lymphocytes against invasion by HIV.

No adverse effects were observed during the study. The extract showed antiretroviral activity with a mechanism of action that may involve inhibition of cytoadhesion.